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Promarks Bags Anti-Static and ESD Bags

Promarks Bags offers a full line of quality anti-static and ESD bags for shipping delicate electronics and components that require protection from static electricity.  In order to determine what type of bag is best for your shipping needs, consider your inventory and the protection requirements each item may have.

Why Ship Anti-Static or ESD?

If you are shipping electronics or other components such as batteries that use charge in some way, you may want to think about investing in quality ESD or static-resistant bags.  Static electricity, which is made up of non-current electrons that can be attracted to an item carrying a positive charge, can cause electrical damage to your delicate electronic components.   Static electricity can lead to electrostatic discharge; ESD bags prevent this problem from occurring.

Anti-static bags protect your electronics and other items by setting up a shield to deflect any random electrical charges that could cause damage.  With an ESD bag, you do not have to worry about stacking electronics close to machinery or computers, and you can also place different electronic components together on the same shelf or in the same box for shipping.

What Are ESD Bags Made From?

Our antistatic bags are made from plastic polyethylene terephthalate or PET, a durable plastic that contains no harmful BPAs.  Our ESD bags are guaranteed to stand up to tough use and to protect your electronics and other vulnerable items.  Our bags come in a variety of sizes to hold the smallest or largest electronic components.

Promarks Bags has become known as the best place to find storage and shipping bags for all types of inventory.  We offer solutions for not only antistatic and ESD bags but also Mylar bags for strength in shipping, food storage vacuum bags, mil spec bags and roll stock or coffee bags.

Our sorbent systems are of the highest quality known to the industry.  Whether you need desiccant properties in your storage bags for foodstuffs or anti-static and ESD bags to protect your inventory from electrical damage, Promarks Bags can provide you with the right solutions.

Feel free to browse our online inventory or call us at (909) 923-3888.  Our experts will help you determine which of our bags will best suit your storage and shipping needs.  Whether you own a large warehouse or factory or just a small business, we have the right storage and shipping supplies and solutions for you.

From foodservice to electronics shipping, Promarks Bags can help you find the right way to protect your valuable inventory.


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