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ProMarks Coffee Bags Individual Not For Resale

Fresh Coffee Means Happy Customers

In recent years, the food storage industry has branched into single-use serving pouches of many items such as coffee.  This has enabled hotels, for example, to offer coffee to guests in their room or office workers to make a small pot of coffee on a random basis rather than having to store the ingredients for coffee and risk losing the freshness of the beans.  Individual, not-for-resale coffee is a very popular item and millions of these containers are sold each year to hotel chains and office buildings.

Thanks to the science of food storage, single-serve coffee has become a reality.  Keeping the coffee fresh is a challenge that is met by coffee bags, the small, easily-opened bags made of various materials that hold either coffee grounds or, what is more likely, a single-use paper filter pouch that fits into a small coffee maker.

Promarks Bags offers a full line of individual use coffee bags suitable for packaging coffee for guest rooms or offices.

The Fresher the Better

While coffee will stay safe to use a relatively long time with no special packaging, many people believe that coffee loses its freshness relatively quickly and becomes unpalatable.  Therefore, keeping coffee fresh and increasing its shelf life is a big concern for manufacturers.

In order to keep coffee fresh, most manufacturers turn to single-use bags made of plastic polyethylene terephthalate or PET or another plastic that contains no harmful BPAs. Like food storage vacuum bags, mil spec bags and roll stock, all Promarks Bags coffee bags are made of the highest quality Mylar or other durable plastics.

Promarks Bags keeps your coffee fresh and  shelf-stable for the longest time possible.  When you choose our quality bags, you never have to worry about coffee becoming stale; we guarantee that our bags will keep out air, keeping the product inside fresh for a much longer time than other products.

The Promarks Bags Difference

Promarks Bags offers only the best sorbent systems, dessicants and oxygen absorbers in the industry.  We also make anti-static and ESD bags to protect your electronics.  Whatever type of storage or shipping bags you require, Promarks Bags has the answers with the industry's best products.

You can look online at our inventory or call (909) 923-3888 to speak with one of our experts who can help you solve your custom storage and shipping problems quickly.  Whatever your business, Promarks Bags has storage and shipping solutions for you.




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