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Food Storage Made Simple

Food storage is, simply put, what makes modern life possible.  Without proper food storage to preserve food during long trips across the country or around the world and to keep it fresh on store shelves, many of us would have a very limited diet.  Food storage not only keeps us alive but also keeps us healthy and allows us to enjoy a variety of foods throughout the year, not only when they are in season.

However, without proper storage, food can become dangerous and unhealthy.  The science of food storage has grown around the idea of making food safe and keeping it as fresh as possible for as long as possible.

In order to do this, Promarks Bags offers a full line of food storage vacuum bags.  These bags combat the top problems facing manufacturers who want to create idea food storage systems:  air and water.

Storing Food Safely

In order to keep food fresh, you must remove both oxygen and water from the environment.  When water is present and has access to oxygen, decomposition of any organic material will eventually set in.  Decomposition of food is accomplished by microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi that need oxygen and water to survive.  If you remove the water and particularly the oxygen, these organisms cannot grow and multiply; therefore, your food stays fresher longer.

This relatively simple task is not so simple, however, when it comes to handling food in today's environment.  Glass and metal were once the preferred packaging materials to keep food fresh, but they are vulnerable to puncture or breakage that will ruin the food.  Instead, a vacuum-sealed bag made of a tough, durable material will be more likely to survive shipping and will give you a longer shelf life for your product.

How Do Vacuum Food Storage Bags Work?

Vacuum food storage bags are usually made of plastic polyethylene terephthalate or PET or some other tough plastic that contains no harmful BPAs.  These bags do not rip or tear easily, protecting the food inside.  All of our Promarks Bags food storage vacuum bags, mil spec bags and roll stock or coffee bags are made of sturdy materials such as Mylar and other durable plastics.

Once the product is inserted into the bag, all the air is quickly sucked out so that little to no oxygen remains.  This removal of the air is a crucial step in the vacuum-sealed storage process and is what allows this process to be used to protect even liquids from decomposition and make them shelf-stable.

The Promarks Bags Difference

Promarks Bags offers only the highest quality in sorbent systems and storage and shipping materials of all types.  We offer desiccants and oxygen absorbers that will keep your products fresh as well as anti-static and ESD bags to protect your electronics.  No matter what type of storage or shipping bags you need, Promarks Bags can provide you with the best products.

Browse our online inventory or call (909) 923-3888.  We have experts standing by to help you decide which of our products is best for your needs.  No matter what the size or scope of your business, we will find the right solutions for you.


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