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If you are looking for superior food storage and preservation, Mylar bags are one of the best ways to keep foods fresh.  When you use Promark Mylar bags for your food storage, you are guaranteed that your perishable goods will stay fresh far longer than with any other storage system.

Promark Bags can offer the best vacuum sealer  or vacuum chamber systems, desiccant packsoxygen absorbers and other storage options for commercial applications.  With quality vacuum sealers and vacuum chamberdesiccant packets and other storage methods, Promark Bags is ready to work with you to find the right storage options for your inventory.

What Is Mylar?

Mylar is a polyester film with the  chemical name of Biaxially-oriented Polyethylene Terephthalate or BoPET.  This film is made from stretched PET material and has very high tensile strength and stability.  Mylar is used in a variety of applications because of its insulative properties and gas and aroma barrier properties.  Mylar was created in the 1950s by DuPont, Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI) and Hoechst. "Mylar" was the brand name given to this film and the name is still used today, although other companies now make similar products.  Mylar may have been short for metallized polyester, a simple way to explain the appearance and physical properties of this substance.

Why Use Mylar for Storage Bags?

Mylar bags, when used to store food or perishables, provides a much stronger barrier between gasses than other forms of plastic.  Mylar can be used as a laminate like aluminum foil to line containers and increase shelf life or as a container itself.  When sealed with an Industrial vacuum sealerMylar is extremely effective in locking out moisture and oxygen, the two things that often cause food or perishables to spoil.

Mylar bags are superior for food and perishable storage when compared to some forms of plastic for other reasons, as well.  Mylar is far more puncture-resistant than most metallized polyester films when it is laminated to another metal foil such as aluminum.  Even without a desiccant added to the bag, Mylar will withstand heat, water and air intrusion and breakdown from UVA and UVB radiation.  Mylar's reflective surface when laminated offers further protection against light breakdown.

Mylar is also appropriate for electronic storage because the surface acts as an electrical insulator.  When you use Mylar as liner for electronic packaging, you can be sure that your delicate electronics will not be damaged by random charges from machinery or other electronics.

Promark Mylar Bags

Promark can offer you convenient sizes for all your Mylar bag storage needs.  Whether you need small Mylar pouches or large Mylar bags for food transportation and storage, Promark Bags can supply you with any size and amount you need.  Our bags are guaranteed to withstand oxygen and water intrusion as well as random electrical discharge and to seal easily using a vacuum sealer, vacuum chamber or bag sealer.

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