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ProMarks Bags Oxygen Absorbers

Oxygen absorbers, also known as oxygen scavengers, are an important component of storage systems and are very necessary in preserving food and other items that might spoil over a long shelf life.  Oxygen absorbers may come in a variety of forms but are often enclosed in a porous packet.  Other oxygen absorbers are part of packing film or other structures, including polymers.

Promarks Bags offers the very best storage solutions including those made of Mylar, poly-nylon, foil and other materials.  Our sorbent systems are guaranteed to keep your goods fresh and safe, no matter what you store.  Our anti-static and ESD bags are ideal for electronics storage, while our food storage vacuum bags work well for storage of perishables.  Whether you need mil spec bags and roll stock or coffee bags, Promarks Bags can offer you the right storage solutions for your inventory.

How Do Oxygen Absorbers Work?

Oxygen absorbers are filled with a mixture of materials that absorb the oxygen and moisture in a package.  The most common ingredients in these mixtures is iron, along with sodium and activated charcoal.

Oxygen absorbers work on a very simple principle.  Oxygen is strongly attracted to iron, forming iron oxide or rust.  Oxygen absorbers capitalize on this common chemical reaction, attracting any stray oxygen molecules inside the package to the iron.  Sodium acts as a catalyst for this process and charcoal filters other chemicals that may be present.

Oxygen absorbers offer longer shelf life for food, prevent changes in color, stop oils from becoming rancid and, most importantly, prevent or slow the growth of oxygen-loving microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi.

Simply put, decomposition requires two factors:  water and oxygen.  Without these two ingredients, decay cannot take place because the organisms that break down food and other organic substances cannot exist without them.  Therefore, removing oxygen and moisture from a sealed environment makes it much less likely that the contents will decay.

In the old days, this was accomplished by storing food in glass or metal containers.  However, today's plastics are much more porous and may allow moisture or oxygen to enter the container, creating the conditions under which the contents can be compromised.

Desiccant Packets and Bags

A desiccant is something that maintains a state of dryness.  Promarks Bags offers a variety of chemically stable or chemically inert desiccants that offer removal of moisture from any packaging.  Silica, one of the most common desiccants, can be used in a variety of ways, including porous packaging, while activated charcoal, calcium sulfate, calcium chloride and zeolites are also good materials to use for desiccant packets and bags.

Humidity Indicator Cards

Humidity indicator cards offer a way to see if humidity has invaded packaging and, if so, the extent of the humidity inside the container.  These cards are marked with a warning label system that allows those in charge of inventory to see if desiccants should be changed or if the package has been compromised. 

It is important to have a high-barrier package to keep out moisture.  A high-barrier, low-oxygen transmission bag or container is the ideal storage container for many sensitive items or for food, electronics, machined parts or other goods that may perish if exposed to humidity or oxygen. 
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